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Romania Se Lupta Cu Morile De Vant!

“Romania se lupta cu morile de vant!”. Pare o expresie tipica pentru vremurile lui Don Quijote dar atat de des intalnita in ultima perioada incat a intrat deja in domeniul banalului. Chiar daca in locul morilor de vant punem giganti precum Microsoft, Sony si Nintendo, tot nu mai impresioneaza. S-au inradacinat atat de rau in roman lipsurile incat nimic nu-l mai poate soca, nimic nu-l mai poate impresiona. Mai ales cand vine vorba de niste gameri. Pentru presa din Romania in general, cuvantul game deja inseamna stire de nisa. Atat timp cat in continut nu se regaseste Basescu sau Tariceanu, stirea este deja de mana a doua. Sa nu mai vorbim de game (joc), care pentru romanul suparat in general nu-si mai are locul. Putini sunt cei carora un astfel de cuvant le provoaca un zambet ascuns, cei pentru care viata inca inseamna un joc. Sau cei care dupa o zi nenorocita de munca se retrag in linistea micii garsoniere unde apa calda este taiata si caldura vine de la un amarat de resou. Aceeasi care in liniste isi pornesc consola sau calculatorul si se retrag in mica lor lume virtuala. Sa nu-i uitam si pe cei care isi educa micul prichindel cum sa conduca de la 4 ani masina la Need For Speed, sau cei care la o petrecere uita de orice grija cu prietenii la un SingStar, Tekken sau Guitar Hero…


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Give Romanian Gaming Community The Rights!

This is the petition we, the romanian console gamers have just started, in hope that the oficials from Microsoft Corporation, Sony Corporation & Nintendo will really hear us and show us the same respect that the other European Union members get and give us Xbox Live, Playstation Store and Wii Shop. So, go here and sign, helping the cause! Thank you in advance! Read more to see the petition and learn about Romania.

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Xbox 360 vs PS3 vs Wii vs PC

This article could be easier named “The Console War”. But if it would be as i wish, it would be a war with no winner. Actually, the winner would be the player, the daily gamer that could get the best out of all worlds. And we have in here the PC world, getting more and more expensive each 3-4 months, when a new GPU or CPU is released. Then we have the Playstation world, which Sony feeds on like a frenzy beast. PSx, PS2, PSP, PS3 are all shortcuts to a world that every gamer should know about. Then we have the new player, Microsoft. If it is an old player on PC world, on the consoles they’ve started recently with their Xbox console. And now they claim “world domination” with their Xbox 360 console. And finnally, we have the “oldest” player in the house: Nintendo. Who in the world doesn’t know what a NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube or Wii is? Who will win? Which one is now the recommended choice for a player? Which one is worth investing in? Well, read on and we shall see.

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A True Wiimote For PS3

Well, it’s a statement almost true. There is no such thing as Wiimote for PS3, but this time Logitech almost made it possible. I am talking about Logitech MX Air. It looks like it was crafted from a piece of Playstation 3 (actually, the same black shiny dust atractive material), it works both as a mouse or pointer (wiimote style). It’s wireless of course, and it’s so easy you ask the same you did on PS3 gamepad: “Is this thing really working on a battery or is it alien technology ?”. Installing it on PC was a snap. And the bonus is, is working also with your old mouse. Now i am really happy, i can use my Logitech G5 while working on PC with intensive graphics, and when i move on my secondary screen (nVidia DualView setup on a plasma 42PV600), i can use MX Air with no trouble.

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Best Of E3 2007 Awards

Although everyone was afraid this year E3 will be no longer the superb show we’ve got used to, it fortunatelly wasn’t so. I mean, this year exceeded everyones expectations, and every developer/publisher showed it’s best. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft bragged a lot about exclusive titles for their consoles, but we’ve seen it coming. Anyway, it was a superb show, and here are the GameTrailers Best of E3 2007. Read more for the rest of them. Enjoy!
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Best Trailer E3 2007
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Black Vs White ?

Trying to add a new poll for the website, i just found some “old” wallpaper i’ve created, called Black Vs White. It’s actually a two “teams” war. PS2+PS3 vs Wii+X360. I love black, and those white consoles are ruining my hifi table… but, tha’ts life. You got to have some contrast to see what you really like. But i’m happy, as Xbox360 Elite will be soon released for Europe also… so my Black collection will be almost complete… Muuuust haaaaave blaaaaaaack Wiiiiiiiiii!?!@#?

Black vs White Small

PS3 Vs Wii

Oh yes, the fight still goes on. This time, with a nice and naughty videoclip, that explains it all. Honestly, it’s very well put. What do you prefer? The future, or something fun? I want them both. Plus a 360, and PS2 and Xbox just to be sure… and let’s not forget a few Snes, Gamecube and Sega consoles… Yep, console maniac forever! Now, just enjoy the movie 🙂

PS3 vs Wii

PS3 Song

Hahahaha. PS3 are acum propriul sau cantecel. “Sony you went wrong / With your PS3 / I’ll just keep playing / My 360…”. Si da, se pare ca este batut la vanzari de Wii, X360, jocurile apar firav sau deloc, exclusivitatile se duc de rapa, Kutaragi mai ca nu pleaca la Nintendo… Poate doar BluRay sa-l mai salveze, si cele cateva titluri mult asteptate… Amen. Read more pt. versiunea a doua a clipului.

PS3 Song
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Need For Speed Pro Street

Nu stiu daca ati prins acest post, insa EA s-a tinut de cuvant, si pe data de 31.05.07 au dezvaluit mai multe detalii despre noul Need For Speed. Well, acum nu se mai numeste NFS: Damage ci NFS: ProStreet. Hmm, numele nu-mi spune prea multe, insa trailerul arata foarte ok. Prezentarea a fost insa destul de generala, vorbindu-se despre masini full customizabile, twek and tune specific seriei precedente. Insa cel mai mult s-a vorbit despre damage system, practic in Pro Street orice zgarietura, indoitura devine o “rana de razboi”. Deasemenea s-a mai vorbit despre un mod revolutionar de gameplay online, insa nimic foarte concret. Well, ramane sa vedem in Noiembrie 2007, daca merita sau nu asteptarea.

Need For Speed Pro Street

Gears Of War Wins !

Dupa cum era de asteptat, pt. Gears of War (Unreal 3 engine pt. Xbox 360) au inceput sa curga premiile. De data aceasta Video Game Home Entertainment Awards: Gears of War as “Game of the Year” , “Shooter/Military Game of the Year”, “Best Game Graphics of the Year”. Bravos! L-am jucat, terminat, ramas impresionat. Practic este primul joc din a doua generatie pentru Xbox 360 care demonstreaza ce se poate face cu un engine bun. De data asta stacheta a fost ridicata sus, si bine. La categoria “handheld” Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy a fost “DS Game of the Year”, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories “PSP Game of the Year”. Pe Wii a castigat Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, pe PS3 clar Ressistance: Fall of Man, iar pe PC… hmm, de ce nu ma mira… WoW: The Burning Crusade. Una peste alta, un an bunicel as zice… Mai jos, un mic trailer din Gears of War.

Gears of War

Next gen consoles not selling so well

Trist dar adevarat. Cu titluri care ajung la lansare si la infam-ul pret de 100 USD, cu accesorii gen wireless adaptor pt. Xbox 360 care sar de 70 USD, next gen consoles se pare ca momentan pierd razboiul in fata mai “vechilor” console, sau mai putin dotatelor surate. Concluzia ar fi pe scurt, ca nu puterea de sub carcasa ii atrage pe gameri, ci gameplay-ul si pretul. Aveti mai jos chart-ul pentru primele 6 luni de sales si cifrele exacte.

  1. Wii (2,470,000)
  2. PS2 (2,200,000)
  3. Xbox (1,900,000)
  4. GameCube (1,540,000)
  5. Xbox 360 (1,384,000)
  6. PS3 (1,271,000)

Console Sales