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Black Vs White ?

Trying to add a new poll for the website, i just found some “old” wallpaper i’ve created, called Black Vs White. It’s actually a two “teams” war. PS2+PS3 vs Wii+X360. I love black, and those white consoles are ruining my hifi table… but, tha’ts life. You got to have some contrast to see what you really like. But i’m happy, as Xbox360 Elite will be soon released for Europe also… so my Black collection will be almost complete… Muuuust haaaaave blaaaaaaack Wiiiiiiiiii!?!@#?

Black vs White Small

Prince Of Persia Is Back !

And we are not talking about a new Prince Of Persia. Oh no. We are talking about the original Prince Of Persia, who ruined our social life when we were kids, making us dream about beeing some persian hero, trying to save our beloved princess. Old times… Now, on Xbox Live (Xbox 360 only, sorry guys), you can replay the old memories. This time the remake is enhanced, it’s looking 3d’ish, although it really isn’t. Check out some ingame videos.
Prince of Persia Xbox Live

Remmember: DDay

Hehehe… uite ca a gasit bunul meu amic de prin copilarie (acum cateva secole cred ca a fost asta) arhivele cu DDay. Printre surse, fisiere excel cu statistici si teste am gasit si ce-a mai ramas din multele poze si wallpapere facute pt. comunitatea DDay (pt. cei care nu stiu, DDay era o harta multiplayer de Warcraft 3 bazata pe 3 Corridors). Comunitate care la un moment dat imi depasise orice asteptari (peste 40.000 de playeri inregistrati, campionate mondiale, etc). Comunitate super, cu prieteni si fight-uri, cu incurajari si suturi in dos. Just as a regular family. Anyway, am dedicat o pagina special pt. DDay, pentru pozele gasite. Aveti galeria completa¬†si lista eroilor¬†aici.

Blizzard MonkY DDay Warcraft Map