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November 27th, 2007 HiFi, Movies 3 Comments

Another day, another gadget. De data aceasta, o jucarie pe care o doream cu toti, care sa ne inlocuiasca PC-ul sau vechiul DivX player si care sa poata reda filme FullHD fara probleme. Si cum la moda acum sunt .mkv-urile si deja vorbim de 1080p, ar trebuia ca “jucaria” respectiva sa aiba suficienta forta sa randeze asa ceva fara probleme. Well, jucaria in cauza vine de la un producator coreean numit Dvico, iar modelul din review este cel numit si “coffee maker”: TVIX 5100SH. Hit read more pentru review-ul complet.

Dvico Tvix 5100SH

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June 13th, 2007 Movies none Comments

I love movies. And i love good acting. And Jim Carey is one of those doing great job acting. But this time i am wondering… Jim Carey in a horror movie ? His movie, The Number 23 is a must see on my list.. Even if it will be a bad movie, i am really curious how would Jim Carey perform in a thriller/horror movie. Check out the trailer below.
The Number 23

June 3rd, 2007 Movies 2 Comments

Well, what can i say ? I hate silly games inspired from movies, and i hate silly movies made after games. But, after all this mouse and cat fight ends, i kinda enjoy this. I enjoy seeing silly things, specially on screen. Today, Dead Or Alive, an Xbox game, it’s making it’s entry on the big screens. It will be probably a super failure, as usual, but at least this time we’ll gonna see some boobs (insert evil laughs).

Dead Or Alive – The Movie

May 25th, 2007 Funny, Movies none Comments

Oare ce putea sa scoata Michael Moore dupa un Fahrenheit 9/11 ? Hmm, un S.F. ? Neah, le tranteste americanilor inca o “pastila” cu greutate… de data asta tu ca roman te simti bine, stiind ca este cineva care o poate duce mai rau ca in Romania. Incredibil, nu ?