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November 4th, 2007 Gizmos, Hardware none Comments

Well, Saitek did it again. As a prod owner of Saitek Eclipse, i must say i’m shocked about how things develop over Saitek labs. They’ve just started a Saitek Cyborg Range, and the first product is the keyboard from the picture below. They feature multi-colour backlighting, touch-sensitive dashboard, 12 programable keys, gold plated connectors, and so on. Get full details over here.

July 6th, 2007 Console, Xbox360 1 Comments

Today, Microsoft just announced oficially: Xbox 360 consoles warranty will be extended from 2 years to 3 years. I’m actually amazed by this announcement. I was hoping for an announcement that they found a way to fix their consoles. I was hoping to recall the series that seem to have manufacture issues. I was crying for some hardware sollution (better cooling, better manufacturing)… But no. They choose to extend the warranty. It’s like “From now on, our customers will be happy. They will be able to go to exchange their broken Xbox 360 consoles not only 20 times in 2 years. Now they can go to service 30 times in 3 years !”. WoW ! And this is actually costing them 1bln USD. I wonder where those money come for (actually, from ppl like me who decide not to wait for repair and get e newer console). Read more for full details.
Xbox 360 Ring of Death
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June 11th, 2007 Console, Xbox360 3 Comments

I got mad. Really mad. I just had to get my third Xbox 360. I got it replaced under warranty without problems (except losing all my saves, my downloads, themes, trailers, demos, etc… plus losing a lot of time to get to/from the store 4 times). But i got tired. And mad, as i’ve just said. I’ve paid a little fortune for my Xbox360, and all i got was 3 rings of death. I’ve invested a lot of money and time to get original games, to get accesories, to pay monthly for Xbox Live Gold, and all i got was brokend consoles, sooner or later. My Playstation 2 is arround 10 years old, never crashed… my Xbox almost 5 years, never crashed… my older consoles (well, some are even older than i am) also. What’s wrong with Microsoft, not beeing able to fix their hardware inside Xbox 360, or at least improve the cooling ? I don’t know, but this time i’ve decided to do something. Nooo, not protesting, but doing some fixes to the console. For the start, fixing the GPU with some epoxy mixture that can ressist upto 300 degrees celsius. The fix it’s suppose to not allow the GPU to unsolder from the motherboard (because of too higher temperature and weak soldering). Well, thank you Microsoft for the games, and Live. But No Thanks for the hardware we have to fix for ourselves !

May 19th, 2007 Console, Xbox360 2 Comments

Well, poate titlul e un pic dur. Din pacate insa, este cat se poate de adevarat. Printr-o incercare (disperata as putea-o numi) de a opri moddingul (modificari aduse consolei Xbox 360) Microsoft a facut un update silent la dashboard prin care a inceput sa blocheze consolele modificate. Problema n-ar fi asa mare daca userul ar fi atentionat inainte, sau daca ai avea dreptul la 3 incercari. Din pacate insa, fara drept de apel, Microsoft baneaza inclusiv pe acei care au deja platite card-uri de Live Gold de 12 luni. Daca e fair sau nu, discutia ar putea continua forever. Consider insa ca fiind o miscare din punct de vedere economic foarte proasta.

Xbox 360 banned