Give Romanian Gaming Community The Rights!

This is the petition we, the romanian console gamers have just started, in hope that the oficials from Microsoft Corporation, Sony Corporation & Nintendo will really hear us and show us the same respect that the other European Union members get and give us Xbox Live, Playstation Store and Wii Shop. So, go here and sign, helping the cause! Thank you in advance! Read more to see the petition and learn about Romania.

No Live for Romania!

Petition: Give Romanian Gaming Community The Same Rights As The Rest European Union Members!


We, the ROMANIAN owners of gaming consoles, related products and services offered by MICROSOFT CORPORATION, SONY CORPORATION and NINTENDO, as full rights members of EUROPEAN UNION and users of the products and services you sold us, we kindly plead you to consider our petition for enabling full online services and support for ROMANIA. Through this document, we would like to request to be treated according to the EUROPEAN UNION laws, as equals in rights with all the other member countries where these services are available.

The products named here as MICROSOFT XBOX 360, SONY PLAYSTATION 3 and NINTENDO WII you sold us and are still selling in ROMANIA, like in any other European country, come with no warnings that the products bought have no support at all in our country. Therefore we would like to benefit from the full online services we paid for.

Dear EUROPEAN UNION REPRESENTATIVES, as members of the EUROPEAN UNION, we would like to petition for full rights as everyone else and be able to use the online services and support for the products we paid for. None of the three products named above allow us to use it online in ROMANIA, as there is no such support, although most of us have paid for a product or service that gives us one month, three months, six months or unlimited access to online services. Most of us have bought products (software and hardware) that require a connection to XBOX LIVE or PLAYSTATION STORE, which is impossible as there is no such service for ROMANIA.

Dear representatives at MICROSOFT, SONY and NINTENDO, when the products named above were launched, you promised us an experience like never seen before, with online multiplayer, online chat, online tournaments, news, downloads, updates and online support. How can we have that unbelievable experience if you don’t allow us to access those services?

So, we, the ROMANIAN owners of products you sold us, kindly ask you to give us what we paid for. We ask for nothing more than what you promised when we bought your products. We honestly believe this is a win-win situation for all of us. And as a proof to you that we are not just 5 or 10 people, we will sign below.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and listening to the gaming community from ROMANIA.

The Undersigned

This is the place where all started. Huge thx goes to Computer Games! And for the finals, “Who is Romania?”. Well, check out the video below, it might help you find out!

21 thoughts on “Give Romanian Gaming Community The Rights!”

  1. Hello there ROMANIANS. You can easily join Xbox live by simply registering with an address of any other place that has Xbox Live,here in Brazil we also don’t have it,but we simply register on Xbox Live using an US address.

    Aw yea, STOP CRYING ABOUT IT !!!!!111 one

  2. Edgar, unfortunatelly you don’t know that lately Microsoft has started to use IP Checking for Xbox Live accounts. So, even if you can us an US/UK address, you still can’t download addons, maps, demos. You only get “this item is not available from your location”. So imagine you want to play Gears of War or Halo 3, but don’t have the addon maps. You will simply be kicked out from the game. So no, this is not a sollution.

    Plus, it’s not crying ! It’s simply just asking for buying rights. We paid for these products and services. It’s like i’ll sell you a BMW, but you can’t use it in your own country…

  3. Hi Thomas. Don’t want to seem unrespectfull, but in here on XLink Kai i understand that only people with pirated copies play. And we are not like that. We only want to play the games we bought. Plus, most of the buyers are kids, with no PC’s. What can we do for them ? Plus, KLink Kai doesn’t support Nintendo Wii nor Sony Playstation 3. Actually not even Xbox 360 is not oficially supported (seen it on ). And you can’t download any demos, trailers, addons, maps, themes, pictures and movies from Klink Kai… Anyway, we have over 1000 signature in just 2 days. I think we can prove we are too many to be ignored. I just hope that.

  4. I totally agree with this petition. You just could add more countries, not only Romania. We have the same problem here, in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, other Eastern European countries…

  5. Hi STVR. Unfortunatelly the petition can not be changed, nor moderated. But after we will get enough signatures, we will move on to the next step, and that’s sending an oficial document to all the people that matter at Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo. In that document we will gladly add Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, and all other countries that should have the same services offered as everyone. Let’s just hope somebody will listen to us.

  6. EDGAR ! Who are you to decide what we can do and what we can’t ?

    “Aw yea,” go, count you’r coffee beans !!!

  7. We are stuck with the same problem at the bottom of Africa. Hopefully with enoguh of us making a noise someone at Microsoft will actually pay attention

  8. a ajuns subiect monden la stirile de la ora 7, insa nimeni nu ia atitudine. din toata treaba asta reiese ca “Romania e o tara in Africa, noi traim in gauri insalubre sub pamant…” samd

    […] Give Romanian Gaming Community The Rights ! […]

  9. I fully support this initiative….we should be treated with respect, also because the inventor of the Hyper CD-Rom, the father of bluray, is a Romanian inventor….
    Please tell me, where I can find to download the movie here? I would like to show it to some of my austrian colleagues who thing they are better as a nation than us….

  10. If we talk about legal rights, the 3 companies will come with the argument that Romania is one of the main pirate countries in the world, that in Romania there are too many pirated games or stolen programs from the internet and that US, Japan, or other countries from which consoles appeared are perfectly legal in any market. Yet in that case, who invented the share and download software like “Odc, BitComet and Emule” ? And these software are indicated to be legal, so who is cheating who ? Plus even if Romania has many gamers that pirate they’re games, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who actually buy the products and have the right to use them. And let’s not forget, Romania isn’t the only country with thieves and internet pirates and yet other countries with the same issue had no problem with the online services at all. And even more, countries that had nothing to do with UN or EU either acquired the companies attention, or even had no online problems even from the start. There is only one conclusion, Romania must have these services.

  11. Daca i-ar da cineva in judecata probabil ca o sa castige.
    Daca se apuca careva sa faca asta, sa inceapa cu Sony 😀
    Vad ca s-a lansat Playstation Home si nici asta nu e disponibil pe la noi.

  12. io as zice sa inceapa cu microsoft cais o gramada de jocuri pe xbox 360 care se joaca online

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