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Laser TV Coming in 2008 !

Well, the TV “beast” feeded with lasers is finnaly close to public release. Mitsubishi LaserVue is the first Laser TV set to be launched late this year (2008), and seem to be a good contender for today Plasma, LCD, Projectors & DLP TV’s. Although nobody actually reviewed a final unit, the general impression was something like “The blacks are black, the brights are bright, and the viewing angle puts DLP to shame. The price points are going to be more comparable to plasma and LCD than DLP”. With 200% color gamut that LaserVue provides (more than twice that of most traditional HDTVs), it will run at 120Hz, and boast 500 nits of brightness. I can’t say nothing before i’ll see one, but i expect nothing bad out of this. I guess it’s time for competitors in HDTV Arena to sharpen their pixels and lower their power consumption. Hit read more to get the full Q&A from Mitsubishi regarding the LaserVue TV’s. The press release is also included. Enjoy!

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What Is A “dead pixel” ?

Din pacate, in special in Romania unde ajung multe reboot-uri, ne lovim din ce in ce mai des de problema aceasta. Tot din pacate, multi afla prea tarziu ce este un pixel mort. Sau mai bine zis, un pixel stins, sau care e tot timpul aprins, and so on. Well, BeHardware tocmai ce-a scos pe piata un articol serios pe tema asta, cu normele ISO, ce “este” ele, daca parintii lor “stie”. Gasiti tot acolo si lista frumoasa, cu toti mai marii producatori de panel-uri sau monitoare LCD si politica lor in legatura cu pixelii morti. Bafta, si la cat mai putini pixeli morti va doresc (de preferat < 1).

Magnified Pixel