Top 12 Luxury Yachts

Din ciclul “Sa ne mai clatim si noi ochii”, BornRich (niiice name) ne prezinta un top. Nu Top 10, nu Top 3, ci Top 12 (probabil ca atatea yacht-uri au gasit pe net si s-au plictisit). Aveti aici articolul complet. Salivati si mai aruncati o privire amara prin garsoniera…

Luxury Yachts

3 thoughts on “Top 12 Luxury Yachts”

  1. Wow!!! It sucks just to have a (dream) of owning one, maybe one day huh.

  2. What is even more sad is the fact that my dreams of having a yacht doesn’t include one this nice. My dreams aren’t even big enough to imagine this yacht. I’m pathetic… sigh.

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