Gran Turismo 5

Oh yes. Tocmai ce a inceput razboiul in jocurile auto related (Forza Motorsport 2, Colin McRae Dirt, Need For Speed Damage, Burnout 5, MotoGP 07) si deja avem picanterii legate de Gran Turismo 4 HD si Gran Turismo 5. Car Damage, Dynamic Weather, 750 masini cel putin, 4 vederi de driving (inclusiv din masina, cu designul real al masinii). Pe scurt, bestial. Read more for full list of Polyphony goodies:


Gran Turismo 4 HD:
– 750 cars !!!
– 50 circuits 
– Two versions (same versions as the original plan from last year) :classic and premium 
– Online garage 
– Career mode 
– Online chat 
– Spectator mode (à la PGR3) 
– Possibility to create Clubs 
 -Test playground for the future GT5

Gran Turismo 5:
– All cars and tracks from GT4 will be included in GT5
– More cars and tracks should be downloadable
– 4 driving views
– Car damage
– All Ferrari+ F1 cars
– Porsche and Lamborghini brands to be confirmed
– Indianapolis may feature
– A game will be release before Gran Turismo 5, this is presumed to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
– New city tracks
– Online drivers 12-20
– Dynamic weather during races

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