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Let’s Live In Colour !

We live in times when the technology pushes further and further, sometimes forcing us to not even stop and enjoy what is beeing offered by that technology. Fortunatelly, some of us actually take time and discover the beauty behind the techonology beast. For example, take a look at what Art Lebedev Studio is offering, starting with Optimus Maximus Keyboard (an lcd keyboard), continuing with the Crazy Remote and Super Phone. They even covered small things, like digital ashtrays, digital clocks and unbelievable hifi items. Hit the picture to go to our gallery, or click here to visit Art Lebedev Studio’s homepage. Enjoy!

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LCD Keyboard – Optimus Maximus

Din ciclul “I really want that” ne lovim de o super tastatura, super configurabila, ale care taste au fost inlocuite cu niste mici ecrane LCD. Asta inseamna ca orice tasta poate fi inlocuita, modificata, facut macro, pus icon (inca nu stiu daca si animat). Din pacate, pretul este pe masura: 1500 USD (pre-order). Asta ar veni cam 13.2 USD per tasta (Optimus Maximus avand 113). Yummy, dar nu dati fuga la magazin, pentru ca sunt foarte greu de prins, intrucat in prima transa sunt manufacturate doar 200 de bucati. Read more pt. mai multe poze.

 Optimus Maximus

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