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June 3rd, 2007 HiFi none Comments

Well, again, BornRich has done it. This time, a “Top 10 Luxury Speakers Everyone Can’t Afford”. The title says it all, so i guess you expect to see some speaker systems upto 1 million $. Yup, it’s a rich men’s world. Read more for full Top 10 or click the picture below to get the full article.

Sphaeron Excalibur Speakers

10. The Ivy Reference (US $100,000)
9. KEF’s Ross Lovegrove-designed MUON speakers (US $130,000)
8. Cabesse La Sphere Speakers (US $150,000)
7. Grand Exquisite (US $220,000)
6. Ultimate (US $229,000)
5. GAUDI MK II (US $250,000)
4. Epilogue Full System (US $268,000)
3. Sphaeron Excalibur (US $325,000)
2. Infinite Grande (US $600,000)
1. Grand Enigma (US $1,000,000)

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