Dell Overclocked ?

Se pare ca mania overclockingului i-a prins si pe mai marii manufactureri, printre care si Dell. Pentru mirobolantul pret de 6000 USD puteti avea un Core 2 Extreme QX6800 la  3.73 GHz, 2GB DDR2 la 1066Mhz, racire watercooled, 2 bucati nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX, 2 bucatele HDD 160GB la 10.000 RPM, drive BluRay, SoundBlaster X-Fi, monitor LCD 24″, si… minune, Windows Vista Home Premium sau Windows XP MCE. De ce doar Vista Home si nu Ultimate, nu inteleg. Adica, unde merge mia, merge si suta, dar in fine. Seria XPS 720 H2C in curand in shop-ul Dell.

XPS 720 H2C

One thought on “Dell Overclocked ?”

  1. m-am uitam recent pe la acest pc si citez: “Ad a 64-bit OS and you go even faster with 8Gb of RAM” wow! 2×8800 GTX, it’s a dream….. but wait! wake up!! it’s 3000 $!! c’mon, man…wat’s up with that?! you can buy an lot of stuff with that shitload of money!

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