8800GT Is The Winner !

For a while i was looking for a new upgrade for my “old” nVidia 7900GTX with 512MB, hoping my PC will face with bravery the avalanche of DirectX 10 titles. While the price for 8800GTX 768MB or 8800Ultra was a little too high for me, an 8800GTS with 512MB looked like a good sollution. Well, not anymore. The new 8800GT just got released, and seems like it is the best deal ever in the GPU market. In performance, it’s almost like an 8800GTX in almost every benchmark (maximum 15% below in a few rare cases), but it’s now a single slot sollution thx to the new G92 CPU which is manufactured at 65nm. That means less power required, lower noise from fans as the temperature is much lower. But, the best things over all these, is the price. The 8800GT 512MB price is arround 200 EUR (while 8800GTX is still arround 400-450 EUR). So, for the same price, you can go for SLI and still be able to use your PCI slots. My advice: Go for it! It’s a great bang for those bucks!
Comparision Table

Manufacturing Process
ʉۢ 0.065 Micron (65 Nanometers)
Transistor Count
ʉۢ 754 Million
DirectX Support
ʉۢ 10
ʉۢ PCI Express 2.0 (X32)
Stream Processors
ʉۢ 112
Vertex Shader Version
ʉۢ 4.0
Pixel Shader Version
ʉۢ 4.0
Textures Per Clock
ʉۢ Average 56
ʉۢ 16
Core Clock Speed
ʉۢ 600 MHz
Shader Clock Speed
ʉۢ 1500 MHz
Fill Rate
ʉۢ 33600 MTexels/s
Memory Bus Width
ʉۢ 256 -bits
Memory Size
ʉۢ 512 MB
ʉۢ 256 MB
Memory Type
ʉۢ GDDR3
Memory Speed
ʉۢ 900 MHz (1.8 GHz DDR)
Memory Bandwidth
ʉۢ 57.6 GB/s
Maximum Board Power
ʉۢ 105 W
ʉۢ 400 MHz
Display Support
ʉۢ Two dual-linked HDCP-enabled DVI-I outputs
ʉۢ 7-pin TV-out

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