XBMC = The Best Media Center !

Acum ca am facut pe bunul samaritean si am “donat” propriul meu Xbox unui bun amic, pot sa spun sus si tare ca XBMC, “vechiul” Media Center de pe vechiul Xbox este clar, The Best Media Player/Media Center EVER. Am inteles foarte repede ca o placa video care costa de 5 ori cat vechiul Xbox, alaturi de un sistem cu Conroe la 3.6Ghz, 2GB RAM si Raptor nu poate face fata unui amarat de Xbox (cu Intel Pentium la 733Mhz si doar 64MB RAM). Pur si simplu, am innebunit setand la playere si plugin-uri, care pe XBMC erau floare la ureche. Sa nu mai vorbim de design, de ergonomie, de functionalitate, si nu in ultimul rand, de pixel shader filtering… In afara de filme full HD, la care mai batranul P3 la 733Mhz nu face fata, XBMC nu are egal. Mai multe detalii pe pagina oficiala. Read more pentru changes in latest build (Xboxmediacenter – May 14th 2007 Svn Rev8943 Build, compiled by T3CH).

XBMC Main Screenshot

2007-05-14 8943 fixed: if the skin loaded on start was missing a window the next skins loaded wouldn’t reset the invalid status of the window.
2007-05-14 8942 changed: busy dialog is now disabled if progressdialog is on screen. changed: doubled the amount of missed frames before busy dialog pops up. changed: busy thread is exited if the skin doesn’t have a busy dialog.
2007-05-14 8932 fixed: auto interlace mode should do bob for HQ Pixelshader V2 renderer
2007-05-14 8923 fixed: lpcm 20/24 bit played as just noise (third time’s a charm)
2007-05-13 8922 changed: removed CanSeek() from filesystem, it was wrong in a few protocols and hardly used. Use Seek(0, SEEK_CUR) to check if protocol supports seeking. added: buffering system to CFile (quite untested, set READ_BUFFERED flag on Open to use) changed: move READ_TRUNCATED flag from CFile::Read to to CFile::Open as it is silly to pass along on each read request
2007-05-13 8921 changed: minimum rebuild setting for guilib to match other projects in solution
2007-05-13 8920 changed: don’t look for stream info in unseekable streams in dvdplayer, should speedup startup of such streams (hdhomerun, maybe tuxbox) changed: make dvdplayer default for hdhomerun streams as mplayer fails miserable on them
2007-05-13 8909 Changed : Moved all Project Mayhems III text colors out into TextColor.xml as includes in the hope we might get a few color variation themes in the future
2007-05-12 8900 fixed: thetvdb.com scraper updated to reflect dns changes.
2007-05-12 8895 fixed: typo that cause dvdplayer to behave very oddly. big difference between && m_bStop and &&!m_bStop.
2007-05-11 8885 added: advancedsettings, ability to disable modchip detection/lookup; for X2 ModChip Series (http://www.xboxmediacenter.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25274)
2007-05-11 8883 Fixed: Includes.xml was b0rk..missing white space
2007-05-11 8882 fixed: audio renderer in XBMC_PC would make dvdplayer play way to fast (try 2)
2007-05-11 8880 changed: better solution to deadlocking dvdplayer
2007-05-11 8879 fixed: audio renderer in XBMC_PC would make dvdplayer play way to fast fixed: potential deadlock in dvdplayer (very uggly hack to get around it, must solve it better)
2007-05-11 8875 fixed: some issues with update video library
2007-05-10 8872 fixed: thetvdb.com scraper didnt fetch genres correctly
2007-05-10 8871 fixed: year / premiered didnt work with the thetvdb.com scraper.
2007-05-10 8869 fixed: update video library wouldnt work if you didnt have any tvshows in your database.
2007-05-10 8868 fixed: wrong image used in the new scraper
2007-05-10 8867 changed: renamed zsori scraper to thetvdb.com to reflect site name change.
2007-05-10 8866 fixed: Ac97 audio renderer could sometimes add more packets than soundcard could handle
2007-05-10 8865 fixed: if you used nfo url’s, imdb wouldnt fetch the plot summary, only the outline.
2007-05-10 8863 added: builtin command updatelibrary(music|video). can be used to schedule updates in combination with the http api. also reordered some methods in the video classes.
2007-05-10 8862 fixed: forgot to add files for CResamplerDirectSound to project.
2007-05-10 8860 updated: Swedish language file by blittan (based on english 8851) .. Sorry for the lack of updates.
2007-05-10 8858 fixed: xbmc_pc didn’t compile after some of the audio renderer fixes.
2007-05-10 8857 changed: some more cleanup of audio renderers. (annoyingly can’t be done properly as mplayer seems to have a bug concerning certain chunksizes, explains why there was such a long history of changes regarding number of packets and chunksizes)
2007-05-10 8856 changed: some more cleanup of audio renderers. (annoyingly can’t be done properly as mplayer seems to have a bug concerning certain chunksizes, explains why there was such a long history of changes regarding number of packets and chunksizes)
2007-05-09 8855 changed: simplify audio renderers by making resampler a separate renderer that calls on the other instead of built into the renderers them selfs
2007-05-09 8851 fixed: String “Use folder or file names for lookup?” was reversed from the button order. Changed to “Use file or folder names for lookup?”.
2007-05-09 8849 added: Ability to rate songs while they’re playing. Currently not keymapped other than keyboard in Music Visualisation
2007-05-09 8844 Fixed : PM3 Mouse support in the Weather Page
2007-05-09 8842 fixed: Playlist wasn’t an applicable action during video library view. Currently it’s still unmapped (unless you’re using a keyboard).
2007-05-09 8839 added: dvdplayer to XBMC_PC solution added: rudementary audio renderer for dvdplayer in XBMC_PC solution
2007-05-08 8837 changed: Wait for network before starting kai
2007-05-08 8836 Changed : Added a better Busy dialog and animation even if it is just temp
2007-05-08 8832 fixed: dvdplayer now builds if put into XBMC_PC project
2007-05-08 8827 added: “busy indicator” dialog (DialogBusy.xml, temporary graphics), dialog is rendered on top of everything when the main thread is busy doing lots of stuff except rendering.
2007-05-08 8826 fixed: unloading of system dlls in dlloader destructor is impossible as dllloadercontainer can already have been destroyed
2007-05-08 8823 changed: make DllLoaderContainer a static class, and make system dlls automatically register them selfs too. This allows system dll to just be static constructs of DllLoader with an export list.
2007-05-08 8821 updated: German language file (Based on english strings version 8718)
2007-05-08 8820 fixed: Mouse could ruin startup transistion. It’s now disabled in startup.xml
2007-05-07 8810 fixed: WMA now uses WM/AlbumArtist for album artist, and Author for track artists.
2007-05-07 8809 fixed: Controls within groups would be highlighted by the mouse even if there was another control over the top of them.

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