Don’t know if you remmember the old times i was the editor of Warcraft map, called DDay (DDay Judgement, DDay Xtremme). Don’t know if you know i was some old times ago called “God of DDay”. But i do. And i will never forget those good days when i was working days and nights to finish some new version, to add some new heroes, some new heroes. It was fun, it was great… it’s nice to keep it in memories of another life.

Don’t know if you remmember all of those super heroes, but i will try to. So, we had the Holy Side:

Rapha The Healer, Jaina Proudmoore, Muradin Bronzebeard, Malfurion, Tyrande Whisperwind, Illidan, Sylvanas Windrunner, Medivh, Jim Raynor, Lord Garithos, Mayev, Tanin Hawking, Sinjo Honeybrew, Yogi Yellowstone, Medic, Cyrax, Magtheridon, Admiral Proudmoore, Duke Nukem, Captain America, Angel, Dendroid King, Angeline, Kabal, Garan, Stoner, St. Anger, Hulk, Lulu, Wolverine, Mercury, Stealth, Moonblade, Kimahri, Mooouren, Warmaster, Tinker, Agent Smith, Captain Stealth, Dark Templar Zeratola, ExElite Corp Seppiroth, Guardian Angel, Magnataur Chief Dragnov, Pixie Betty, ShadowDancer Heretic.

And on the Damned Side we had:

Caine Bloodhoof, Gul’dan, Grom Hellscream, Thrall, Arthas, Kel’Thuzad, Mal’Ganis, Archimonde, Mur Slimemouth, Zuhx The Explorer, Sammy Smittereens, Lady Vashj, Sylvanas, Shaka-Zahn, Arak-arahm, Hell Fire Infernal, Mannoroth, Zolt The General, Kil’Jaeden, Prince Of Legion, Terminator, Diabolist, Takada, Kryton, Inferno, Zagg, Dendrodeath, Buzzdook, Hell’nar, Orcki, BioDread, Arraka, Blake, Sobe, Raptor, Nightmare, Alien, Headhunter Akama, HellSpawn, MasterGrunt Krak, Mistress of Pain Demonica, Murloc Fleasheater MurSlimmemout, Naga Summoner Nadja, Storm Rider Velo, Unbroken Rager Sobe.

Wow, those were a lot of nice heroes. And Blizzard made it happen, allowing the community to have such nice editor tools. And now, for the fun part, i made a gallery with all those heroes. Enjoy, and pls don’t forget those times.

P.S. All my best wishes to Armafire and EntiteQ, and to all those lovely ppl from DDay community.

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  1. hi, i play d-day judgement 14.6F for first time 3 years ago in a cyber wich now is closed, before it closed i copy the map and now i play it all the time in my computer, i tryed but y cuoldn´t find another version of this genious map. y wish somobody could give me a web site or somethig were i can donwload it. my email is german153987@hotmail.com

  2. Hehe those were the good days monky. and I went throught the same stuff as you. for 3 years i used to spend at least 8 hours daily on the map untill i couldnt open my eyes anymore hehe. it was worth it tho. millions of downloads and im glad dday is still working. thx to JN ofcourse 🙂

  3. Hi there. Well I don’t know what to say. From these upper names I only spoke with JNCool and we are still talking about the map on dday’s forum. I know Neo, because I played his versions first after my log pause in dday. 19.x series was really good. And 20.0x will be also I hope. And Monky… living legend of dday.

    Can I suggest that all old editors of this beautiful map visit Ddayworld again and post some word because it will significantly increase a moral on the site. The newest current version is 20.0c, which was made by DDayteam (editor: Markone). All who knows Marko (I know him personally) will say that he is dedicated to dday he works on it and he is preparing something that will astonish you but I don’t want to talk about it. He will tell you.

    I am also trying to spread this map by new projects such as databases, trailers for the map, gathering a lot of affiliates, giving suggestion for the map.

    So, please visit http://www.ddayworld.com again. It would e nice to see you again. To refresh some memories and to make a new ones.

  4. Hey monky … i dont know if u know me or not but i just wanted to say hello to u … yea dday is still alive with the revcent dday team & i am the balancer of the map .
    u know we countinue with realise new versions & adding new heroes & im sure that one day we will be too famouse in WC maps cuz we have a Unique & balance map now . hope that u show up there sometimes 😉

    best regards , SepHiRoTHâ„¢ – The Damned’s God

  5. I’m glad to hear you guys are ok and DDay is still alive. I hope to find some free time so we can chat about old times… and who knows, maybe even about new times to come. Maybe DDay will come back in force when Warcraft IV will be released 👿

  6. Can you give me your’s msn contact or other messenger’s contact because I want to talk with you about writing a text about DDayWorld and posting it on Wikipedia. I know that you crated the first version of DDayWorld so I wonder if you could write something about it, and send it to me. It’s like some DDayWorld’s history

  7. XS-Archangel, i am sorry but lately there were some crazy times in here. Too much work and so little free time. I will send you an email where you can ask me what you need. Hope i can find some time to help. Have a good day !

  8. salut MonkY!DDay a fost una dintre cele mai tari harti pt Wc3pacat ca ai renuntatoricum, am si eu o harta care seamana destul de mult cu DDay (inca ma chinui sa obtin o sponsorizare pe ddyworld.com 😛 )noi romanii facem lucruri de calitate 😀

  9. Hey dude, noone told me that u hold this site until now :)all the bestMarkone, one who now spends hours to keep map alive 🙂

  10. Metamorhpic: merci pentru aprecieri. Intr-adevar, noi romanii daca ne punem ceva in cap, iese sigur ceva bun. Din pacate, life goes on. Cine stie, poate la un Warcraft 4 ma reapuc de treaba 🙂

    Markone: all the best to you Markone. Take care with the map. It’s a hard “legacy”, but i’m sure you’ll be allright ! Have fun with DDay !

  11. take my msn if you have have msn messenger. I have to talk with you about something (because these answers one per week aren’t so efficient 😀

  12. hi

    i’m a n00b-ish player in the DDay world

    could anyone help me with choosing heroes please? i find that heroes on the light side suck shit. maybe just because i suck.

  13. hey dude, i need some basic info(like date) abt 1st dday map (if u could email me, cause im not sure that i will see ur answer, thanks)

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