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June 13th, 2007 Console, PS3, Xbox360 none Comments

Yep. The game i was talking about a few days earlier regarding ingame innovations, just got a preview by good guys at It looks good, it looks dark, and it got some nice demonic arms to feed. Check out the trailer and expect it’s release in late June 07.
The Darkness Preview

May 28th, 2007 Technology none Comments

India. 2007. Forget about hibrid cars, about strange innovations, helium fuel, gpl or whatever else cheaper than petrol gas. And start thinking about the cheapest fuel, ever. And that’s… you guessed it: AIR. Well, in India, an auto builder called Tata Motors is ready to start production run on this air powered car (which will be called either City Cat or Air Car). This car is able to take you whatever you need as long as you don’t wanna go further than 200 Km and not faster than 110 Km/h. It can be refueled either by using a built-in compressor, either at some future to be build “air stations”. Well, It seems like it has zero problems with pollution and looks kinda pretty. Read more to see the full presentation movie.

Indian Air Powered Car
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