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June 13th, 2007 Funny, Gizmos none Comments

Finding so many cool/strange/crazy gadgets every day, i’ve decided to create a new category: GIZMOS. One of the items needed to get into this new area is the new Tanko’s Cooled Chair. From now on, your butt can stay cool all day long. You can visit the product’s page in here (get some japanese dictionary while in there).
Cooled Seat

June 12th, 2007 Funny none Comments

Yep, it is. Although i am really sad lately, with so many problems arround, i just can’t stand and accept too much sadness. So, knowing a picture is more than 1000 words, here it is, a new set of pictures (hmm, arround 9000 words).

June 3rd, 2007 Funny 1 Comments

As i promised, a new post in “It’s A Funny World” gallery. I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures as much as i did. Laughs and fund, should be all arround. So… Have fun !

June 3rd, 2007 Funny none Comments

I just realised on this website, with so much news about technology, consoles, it&c, it’s going to be harder and harder to get a good laugh. Therefore, i’ve decided to add a new topic, called It’s A Funny World. Here i’ll try to submit each day (or as fast as i get new stuff) funny pictures. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

June 3rd, 2007 Funny, Hardware 1 Comments

Muahahahaha. Bwahahahaha. Belea. Mi-ar trebui si mie asa ceva, cate un buton la fiecare PC pe care l-am instalat vreodata. Ar fi o comanda serioasa, dar practica. Cuvintele nu-si au rostul. Just check out the picture, si daca vreti articolul complet, get in here. Ready to launch ? P.S. Asta imi aduce aminte de 🙂

Ultimate Reset Button

June 1st, 2007 Console, Funny, PS3, Wii none Comments

Oh yes, the fight still goes on. This time, with a nice and naughty videoclip, that explains it all. Honestly, it’s very well put. What do you prefer ? The future, or something fun ? I want them both. Plus a 360, and PS2 and Xbox just to be sure… and let’s not forget a few Snes, Gamecube and Sega consoles… Yep, console maniac forever ! Now, just enjoy the movie 🙂

PS3 vs Wii

June 1st, 2007 Funny, Hardware none Comments

Is it just me, or is it simply wrong ? EntiteQ from just told me about this page, where you can notice AMD selling Intel’s Core2 Duo processor, and that “is the world’s first notebook series to utilize ATI’s Mobility Radeon™ X2300 GPU for stunning and crisp graphics”. Wow. I’m stunned. Is it the world going just crazy, or is it from so much spinning arround ?

AMD Selling Intel Notebook

May 30th, 2007 Funny 1 Comments

Well, one of the funny things about Google is the fact that Google is funny. Latest “gadget” released by Google, called Street View (which is integrated into Google Maps) shows us at this link that they found E.T. next to some kind of laser beam. It’s fun, but it’s Google. So we trust them (insert evil laugh).

Google Found E.T.

May 26th, 2007 Funny 3 Comments

Din ciclul “Sa ne mai clatim si noi ochii”, BornRich (niiice name) ne prezinta un top. Nu Top 10, nu Top 3, ci Top 12 (probabil ca atatea yacht-uri au gasit pe net si s-au plictisit). Aveti aici articolul complet. Salivati si mai aruncati o privire amara prin garsoniera…

Luxury Yachts

O fi adevarat, nu o fi… dar pustiul asta fie s-a nascut norocos, fie a castigat la 6/49, fie tacsu (ala negru care respira greu) o fi vre-un magnat in ale petrolului. Read more pt. mai multe poze. Enjoy yourself.

Largest Game Collection
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May 25th, 2007 Funny none Comments

Sau cel putin acolo a vrut ea sa pozeze. Din pacate insa, a ajuns pe pornoromania dot com (nu-mi permit sa-i fac reclama site-ului – sau vedetei –  dar se poate vedea clar din poza pe unde a ajuns “reclama”).

Andreea Balan in Playboy

May 25th, 2007 Funny, Movies none Comments

Oare ce putea sa scoata Michael Moore dupa un Fahrenheit 9/11 ? Hmm, un S.F. ? Neah, le tranteste americanilor inca o “pastila” cu greutate… de data asta tu ca roman te simti bine, stiind ca este cineva care o poate duce mai rau ca in Romania. Incredibil, nu ?


May 25th, 2007 Funny, Phones none Comments

Eu bag degetul asa deeeeees. Nu, nu e melodie cu prostii, si nici hitul verii. Este un nou concept de telefon. Sper sa ramana la stadiul de concept, sau sa se produca doar pt. cei cu Parkinson (insert evil laugh). Ah, si descrierea “autorului” este romantica cel putin: “Tarati enables the user to connect with others by passing fingers, in order, through key holes. This action of dialing alone is a more magical experience and, hence, more indicative of what’s really happening beyond the visible realm. … Tarati beckons the user to “touch” someone without physically touching a single key. Its design reflects human connectivity in a less material/mechanical, more sensual, way.”

Taranti Phone

May 25th, 2007 Funny none Comments

Sau “When you got screwed by Sony last time ?”. Nu e nevoie sa va mai uitati la poza. Va spun eu. E un surub marca Sony, la oferta speciala, la fantasticul pret de 61.31 EUR fara TVA. Si oferta verii, la 1Kg de suruburi marca Sony, primiti o plasma cadou 👿

Sony Screw

May 23rd, 2007 Funny none Comments

Sau ce mai face chinezul cand se plictiseste de clonat telefoane Nokia 🙂 Nu zic nu, exista multe astfel de 8in1, 16in1 and so on, dar asta arata demential. As spune ca poti speria copiii cu ea fara nici-o problema. Mai multe detalii pe pagina comerciantului cu ochii mici.

Screwdriver 8in1