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October 7th, 2007 Console, PC Games, PS3, Wii, Xbox360 8 Comments

This article could be easier named “The Console War”. But if it would be as i wish, it would be a war with no winner. Actually, the winner would be the player, the daily gamer that could get the best out of all worlds. And we have in here the PC world, getting more and more expensive each 3-4 months, when a new GPU or CPU is released. Then we have the Playstation world, which Sony feeds on like a frenzy beast. PSx, PS2, PSP, PS3 are all shortcuts to a world that every gamer should know about. Then we have the new player, Microsoft. If it is an old player on PC world, on the consoles they’ve started recently with their Xbox console. And now they claim “world domination” with their Xbox 360 console. And finnally, we have the “oldest” player in the house: Nintendo. Who in the world doesn’t know what a NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube or Wii is ? Who will win ? Which one is now the recommended choice for a player ? Which one is worth investing in ? Well, read on and we shall see.

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Although everyone was afraid this year E3 will be no longer the superb show we’ve got used to, it fortunatelly wasn’t so. I mean, this year exceeded everyones expectations, and every developer/publisher showed it’s best. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft bragged a lot about exclusive titles for their consoles, but we’ve seen it coming. Anyway, it was a superb show, and here are the GameTrailers Best of E3 2007. Read more for the rest of them. Enjoy !

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Well, id’s secret game engine just got revealed. In the video demonstration, you can see John Carmack showing off a very nice detailed world, and bragging about over 20GB of textures for just one map. It looks good, but the really good news is that developers are allowed to modify one level/map instantly, without compromising the map or buggin’ it. Good job guys… i can hardly wait for the next game using that engine !

Well, i just got hit by a new trailer for Call of Duty 4. What can i say ? Although i am tired of so many shooters, wargames, i never cease to be amased by the speed of graphics engine evolution. It only gets better and better. Beside the realism, these guys should start thinking more about a player feelings, what he actually wants inside a game, beside killing everyone. While the days goes by and i feel older, i am starting to look more and more to innovations, cool ideeas, feelings that a good game story makes the player involve. But don’t forget, most of the players out there, love CounterStrike, so… no comment. Enjoy the trailer:

Se pare ca a inceput cu adevarat razboiul next-gen. Ah, nu va speriati, e un razboi “virtual”, in bits and bytes. Si din fericire, este un razboi in engine-uri, in grafica, in design, gameplay. Lucruri care pt. un gamer nu poate insemna decat un mod de a se relaxa mai placut. De data aceasta, cei de la PSU au facut o comparatie screen by screen intre engine-ul lui Haze si al lui Crysis. Va las pe voi sa decideti care arata mai bine. Read more pt. mai multe screenshot-uri.

Haze Vs Crysis
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Nu stiu daca ati prins acest post, insa EA s-a tinut de cuvant, si pe data de 31.05.07 au dezvaluit mai multe detalii despre noul Need For Speed. Well, acum nu se mai numeste NFS: Damage ci NFS: ProStreet. Hmm, numele nu-mi spune prea multe, insa trailerul arata foarte ok. Prezentarea a fost insa destul de generala, vorbindu-se despre masini full customizabile, twek and tune specific seriei precedente. Insa cel mai mult s-a vorbit despre damage system, practic in Pro Street orice zgarietura, indoitura devine o “rana de razboi”. Deasemenea s-a mai vorbit despre un mod revolutionar de gameplay online, insa nimic foarte concret. Well, ramane sa vedem in Noiembrie 2007, daca merita sau nu asteptarea.

O fi adevarat, nu o fi… dar pustiul asta fie s-a nascut norocos, fie a castigat la 6/49, fie tacsu (ala negru care respira greu) o fi vre-un magnat in ale petrolului. Read more pt. mai multe poze. Enjoy yourself.

Largest Game Collection
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